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SITUATION 1: W.H. is a 26 year old man who has had sweaty palms since college. This was a nuisance at work and at social occasions. The patient learned about thorascopic sympathectomy from the internet and was referred to Dr. McCormack by his local neurosurgeon. Surgery was performed in September of 1998 and was successful. Here are the patient’s comments:

"Thank you for making my life so much drier and better! Because of you, I have a new outlook on life. Today, I was really stressed out, but for the first time in a while, my hands remained dry.

I hope you have a website, so people like me can find you. I also would like to post a testimonial to tell the world what a wonderful change you and Regina have made to my life!

Words really cannot explain my appreciation for what you have done."

SITUATION 2: An 18 year-old female college student is constantly embarrassed by excessive hand sweating. She is fearful of holding hands. Hand Creams are not effective. She tried one trial of botox injections that helped for six months, but the treatment was expensive and not covered by insurance. She decides to have a ETS surgery with Dr. McCormack. Surgery is a complete success. The patient states: "I feel like I was given a normal life. Thank you..."!


"Dr. McCormack has given me a whole new life. I can’t begin to express how much my life has improved."

"Wow! I mean, WOW! Immediate relief after a lifetime of thinking there was no help! Thank you!"

"To Dr. McCormack, this may be all in a day’s work, but to me this is a miracle!"

"My anxiety is decreased - my friends tell me how much more confident I seem - but they can’t know the relief I feel."

"Please add me to the list of patient referrals – I want to tell other people who suffer from hyperhydrosis that they don’t have to suffer anymore. The whole experience was wonderful."

"Last weekend I went to a business conference for the first time since the surgery – a situation where before I would have been dripping. Now, cool and dry. My life is so much better than it was before the surgery with Dr. McCormack."

"I only wish I had known of ETS surgery sooner. It has changed my life."

"My hands sweat so much that I couldn’t be fingerprinted and almost lost my federal job - now I shake hands with confidence! Thank you!"

"I can’t tell you how much ETS surgery has helped my life. Bless you all!"

"I have become so much more confident - I am doing things that I never thought I could do before, and my hands stay dry. I can’t thank you enough. The surgery was simple and the whole experience was wonderful – I felt as if I were treated wonderfully by everyone involved. I can’t thank you enough."

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